• Business Continuity & Resilience

    Business Continuity & Resilience

    Forward-thinking leaders are experiencing a wake-up call, recognizing that the probability and types of risk to business continuity are higher than commonly believed, and they are taking steps to improve…Read More

  • The Enterprise Networking Industry

    The Enterprise Networking Industry

    As the COVID pandemic uncertainty refuses to fade, tech dependency is increasing. Enterprises that are in their second phase of digital transformation and have automated more parts of their networks…Read More

  • Data Network Services

    Data Network Services

    Enterprise need to use competitive procurement practices, in spite of cut-throat competition at the vendor end. The market for enterprise data networking services in 2020 will be USD 157.5 billion,…Read More

  • Market Performance – 3Q19

    Market Performance – 3Q19

    An analysis of the trends worldwide and in India displayed by various product segments in 3Q19. In India in 3Q19 (July–September 2019), while the ethernet switch, routers, and wireless local…Read More

  • Automation Is Reaching An Inflection Point

    Automation Is Reaching An Inflection Point

    By making automation both easier to deploy and capable of dramatically improving some of the most costly and time-consuming activities of the modern enterprise, today’s technology vendors are promising nothing…Read More

  • Staying Ahead Of The Curve

    Staying Ahead Of The Curve

    As IoT, AI, and 5G throw a curve ball at traditional network architectures, the prudent enterprise appreciates the need to get the new digital economy to work properly from day…Read More

  • Agility Is the New Mantra for Marketing

    Agility Is the New Mantra for Marketing

    The Agile Manifesto Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software. Welcome changing requirements, even late in development. Agile processes harness change…Read More

  • Navigating the SDN-NFV Path

    Navigating the SDN-NFV Path

    The momentum behind the shift to SDN and NFV has seen organizations embrace the benefits and advantages offered by software and virtualization – benefits that center around agility, flexibility, and…Read More

  • A Bumpy Ride Ahead!

    A Bumpy Ride Ahead!

    Digital transformation sounds like a win-win; with budgets under increasing pressure, it sounds logical to improve digital processes, save money, and work more efficiently. However, resistance and fear of change…Read More

  • Technology Adoption – No Longer An Optional Cost

    Technology Adoption – No Longer An Optional Cost

    Emerging technologies require highly specialized environments of their own, and sometimes substantial changes to core infrastructure. For the enterprise, perhaps the biggest challenge is that they are being driven by…Read More

  • The Hyper-Connected Enterprise

    The Hyper-Connected Enterprise

    The invention of the telegraph had a most profound impact on communications – an impact that has since been taken for granted or largely forgotten. Before its invention, sending a…Read More

  • The SD-WAN MPS Predicament

    The SD-WAN MPS Predicament

    Will MPS disappear in the near future? Will SD-WAN take over? The software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is emerging as one of the hottest growth areas for the enterprise. With…Read More

  • Network Automation, An Elusive Dream

    Network Automation, An Elusive Dream

    The dream of network automation is alluring, but implementing it on legacy hardware can be a nightmare. The dream of an automated network remains elusive. Network managers are growing disillusioned…Read More

  • Setting The Path For A Broader Transformation

    Setting The Path For A Broader Transformation

    The Indian networking market is seeing traction with increased investments across the enterprise and service provider deployments. The growth is majorly driven by enterprise and service provider deployments while consumer…Read More

  • A Continuous Journey, Not a Destination

    A Continuous Journey, Not a Destination

    Digital transformation is a state of being; it is not something with definitive beginning and ending points, but a constant state of motion. Digital transformation is more than a buzzword;…Read More

  • Digital Transformation Fuels Demand

    Digital transformation, which is becoming mainstream amongst Indian businesses, will propel market gains over the next couple of years. Forrester pegs technology spending in India to climb 12 percent this year to hit USD 70 billion.

  • The Network Remains Vital

    As we move into 2018, in the world of networking, including enterprise switching, routing, virtualization, SD-WAN, mobility and collaboration, various predictions have been made by experts across the industry on what to expect and will be needed.

  • Competition and Consolidation Drive the Telecom Market

    In contrast to a depressing global telecom equipment market forecast, the Indian telecom companies may actually make true the predictions of an equity strategist at a leading Indian bank, profits will improve meaningfully, like a phoenix that rises again from the ashes.

  • Predictions-2018

    IT pros will have their hands full with technologies that have been hyped and are now ripe for adoption. Here are come of the selected enterprise picks.

  • Bitcoin Gains Popularity

    Given its inherent nature of offering immense anonymity, bitcoin is booming in India and how!

  • Beyond Digital Transformation

    The inevitability of digital transformation is by now widely accepted. Apart from the adoption of SDN, IoT, and other aspects of next-generation IT, what more is required, is the key question.

  • A New Tax Regime Ushered In

    July 1, 2017 is a defining day in India’s history of tax reforms. No country as large and complex as India has attempted a tax reform of this scale. The net impact of GST on prices of telecom products and services remains to be seen.

  • Transforming Sourcing and Procurement

    While there is a great deal of complexity associated with procurement, organizations have increasingly turned to transforming their sourcing and procurement functions to generate the next round of gains.

  • Cybersecurity for Financial Services Organizations – Time For Action

    While all industries face the growing threat of cyber attacks, the issue is particularly acute for the financial industry due to the interconnected nature of global markets and the potential for a cyber attack to spread quickly through the global financial marketplace.

  • Winds of Change Herald Digital Transformation

    With global enterprise network revenue poised to reach Rs 300,000 crore in 2017, it becomes imperative to closely examine each of the technologies that move us closer to seamless connectivity anywhere, anytime, between any group of users, devices, or applications.

  • TMT – 2017

    Network operators and their suppliers are going to be seeing a lot of eSIMs, a little bit of 5G, a shift in focus to digital experience, actual money from NB-IoT services, and a reassessment of network virtualization strategies in 2017, among other things.

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