• Consumer Broadband Labels

    Consumer Broadband Labels

    Consumer Broadband Labels
    Strengthening Disclosure and Transparency
    of Broadband Services in India

  • CTIA State of Wireless 2018

    CTIA State of Wireless 2018

    Welcome to CTIA’s 2018 State of Wireless report, a comprehensive look at the key facts and figures that tell the story of America’s wireless industry.

  • LTE and Drones

    LTE and Drones

    Although drones have been in use for many years for military and intelligence gathering applications, over the last year commercial use of them has skyrocketed…

  • Ericsson Mobility Report

    Ericsson Mobility Report

    The mobile industry has passed a number of big milestones over the last two decades, which in retrospect have led to fundamental changes to our society. When mobile data traffic surpassed mobile voice traffic in 2009, it was difficult to know what today’s use of mobile technology …

  • Standards and Welfare Maximisation

    Standards and Welfare Maximisation

    Standardisation bodies, such as the 3GPP and ITU have been hard at work over the last few years in an attempt to codify the requirements and eventual construct of an ideal 5G ecosystem. At the core of such exercises is the well-founded belief that appropriately designed…

  • 5G Policies and Initiatives

    5G Policies and Initiatives

    Complement the Digital India and Make in India initiatives through a sustained cross-departmental, cross-sector strategy to ensure the country seizes its 5G opportunity.

  • Roadmap for 5G in India

    Roadmap for 5G in India

    The 5G technology has been conceived as a foundation for expanding the potential of the Networked Society. A digital transformation brought through the power of connectivity is happening in almost every industry. The landscape is xpanding to include massive scale of “smart things” to be interconnected.

  • Technology, Media & Telecommunications

    Technology, Media & Telecommunications

    Everything Seems Different
    The world is different somehow, and not quite what it used to be. Our relative sense of privacy, or the idea of it at least, seems to…

  • Cybersecurity Talent

    Cybersecurity Talent

    There are many dimensions to effective cyber-risk management and protection—from strategy and operations, to governance and culture—but one of the biggest problems is simply the lack of talent…

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