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China’s First IoT Future Park Commences Operations

China’s first IoT future park is officially launched to serve Tmall’s Double Eleven shopping festival. Nearly 700 robots were “turned on” on the same day, setting a new record for the industry. The park will become the largest intelligent warehouse for robots in China.

The storage capacity of high-density automatic storage in Wuxi future park is 5 times of that of ordinary warehouses. Nearly 700 robots formally on duty, some responsible are for carrying order boxes, while others rush to the shelves in designated area to pick up goods while the others take the mobile shelves and find the order boxes to load them. They form a busy intelligent transportation and work system, can avoid collisions each other and are able to charge their own batteries.

In addition, the IoT intelligent equipment can automatically identify the entry and exit of personnel, guide the truck driving, loading and unloading, and also identify and alarm the details of peripheral safety, fire passage, and even smoking. At present, the operation efficiency of the whole park is 20% higher than that of the traditional park.

According to reports, in the past Tmall “double 11” period, the flow of people and vehicles in the logistics park Increased immensely, resulting in increased security risks, management costs, logistics efficiency was also affected. The future park built by rookie with IoT technology, coupled with edge computing, artificial intelligence and other core technologies, is equivalent to the construction of a digital logistics park. – China Knowledge

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