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1) 5G Unleashing soon
The announcement of 5G is one of the most exciting telecom news of the year. But now the wait for its rollout has been a real patience checker. Government is in continuous contact with most of the popular network providers, as they know the opportunities it brings to the table. There are talks between the government and network providers about rolling out 5G in the upcoming months. According to various sources, it is believed to be rolling out by the end of this year. Whereas the government wants network providers to do all the testing and validations fast as they believe it can be a real game changer from the aspect of the Indian economy as well as growth. It is also expected that it will provide 20x more speed than existing 4G networks.

2) 5G from the aspect of the Indian economy
The hype of 5G is not just like any other telecom news in India, it is supposed to be the biggest asset for the Indian economy in upcoming years. It is believed that it will be an open door for job opportunities in the sectors of manufacturing, transport, healthcare, and retail. It is said that it will benefit the Indian economy by 36 trillion between 2023 and 2043. GSMA research also suggests that it will speed up the process of digitalization. When the whole of India is speeding up the mission of “Digital India” will only help in boosting the pace, which makes the wait worthwhile and more exciting. Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that 5G technology in India is completely indigenous. She further stated that India soon will be able to provide its benefit to other countries whoever needs it which will further help in the growth of the Indian economy.

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