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XL Axiata tests Huawei’s ‘RuralStar Pro’ solution

XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) continues to strive to build a 4G network and provide fast internet services to remote areas in various provinces of Indonesia. Therefore, a number of network technologies have been tested. One of the newest ones, in collaboration with Huawei Indonesia, XL Axiata has tested a wireless broadband solution called “Huawei RuralStar Pro” with one of its main features, namely LTE for backhaul. The trial has been carried out in Kalimantan and has proven to be a solution to expand broadband connections to remote areas, where so far there are often problems related to limited backhaul access. Efforts to provide internet services in remote areas throughout the country are part of the implementation of XL Axiata’s commitment to enter the age of 25 in an effort to “Build a Digital Indonesia”.

XL Axiata’s Director of Technology & Chief Technology Officer, I Gede Darmayusa said, “We have successfully tested this Huawei RuralStar Pro solution in one of the remote areas in Kalimantan. This technology will be an alternative solution for us to expand our 4G network to remote areas, where so far we have often faced problems related to limited backhaul access, which in turn has become one of the inhibiting factors for network expansion in remote areas.”

Gede added that after the RuralStar Pro installation process is complete, the LTE backhaul can automatically be connected to the host site. During the trial, the distance between the relay station and the host location was about 31 kilometers. The downlink transmission bandwidth supports up to 106 Mbit/s, which meets the bandwidth requirements of the L900.

Huawei RuralStar Pro, continued Gede, presents a breakthrough in radio base station design with the ability to integrate baseband, radio transmitting devices, and LTE for wireless backhaul at the same time, in one module. With the concept of LTE for backhaul, the operator’s spectrum which is usually only used for the purposes of radio access for user devices or radio access can also be used to provide access between radio base station (backhaul). This feature is able to reduce the expensive transmission rental costs that previously had to be incurred by operators such as the use of microwaves and satellites.

Account Director of Huawei Indonesia XL Account, Catherine Guan said, “Until now, Huawei has been active in Indonesia for more than 21 years. We have a long-term commitment to collaborate with our partner in Indonesia, namely XL Axiata, to accelerate digital inclusion to connect people who are still difficult to reach for internet services, especially those who live in remote areas. The implementation of Huawei RuralStar Pro technology is a real support for XL Axiata’s tireless efforts to assist the government in providing 4G networks in the vast territory of Indonesia.”

Catherine added, RuralStar has been implemented in more than 60 countries, and is able to help provide connectivity for more than 50 million people in rural communities. The RuralStar Pro series has been recognized as the Best Mobile Innovation for Emerging Markets at the prestigious Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2021 which will take place in Barcelona, Spain.

Huawei Indonesia hopes that this solution will facilitate XL Axiata’s efforts to provide 4G networks in remote areas to help bridge the digital gap, including in an effort to provide easy access to fast internet during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the availability of fast internet access, various digital services for people in remote areas can be available, including supporting online learning for schools and facilitating communication between health clinics there.
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