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Why are millions of Virgin Media and BT customers not getting fastest internet?

Why are millions of Virgin Media and BT customers not getting the fastest internet speeds?

According to a new analysis from consumer group Which?, millions of Virgin Media and BT customers are missing out on blisteringly fast downloads due to unclear terminology, exorbitant fees, and a lack of knowledge.

BT and Virgin Media, two of the UK’s largest broadband providers, are now delivering ultra-fast connections capable of streaming a complete HD movie to a TV in just 40 seconds or a gigantic PS5 blockbuster to consoles in under 10 minutes. 1Gbps connections are being rolled out across the country at a rapid pace, with downloads up to 30 times quicker than the current UK average.

BT offers a variety of broadband options with monthly costs beginning at £27.99. BT is currently giving free postage and packing on all deals, as well as a landline.

All of this sounds remarkable, and with so many of us working from home these days, a 1Gbps connection may become essential in the future. Despite significant investment in this new technology, it appears that most consumers are unaware of its availability.

According to a new Which? research, 6 out of 10 consumers are unaware that gigabit-capable broadband is available.

Many broadband consumers are perplexed by some of the language used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), according to Which?, making it difficult to determine which service is best. Some ISPs, for example, advertise “fibre” speeds when they are actually a combination of slower older copper lines and more advanced fibre-optic technologies.

When you add a phone line to your Virgin Media account, you can get cheaper broadband. This translates to £25 per month for 100Mbps speeds.

Fast fibre cables are commonly found beneath the street, which are then slowed by aging copper wires that enter the home. According to one study, people frequently believe they have a “full fiber” connection when it isn’t available where they reside.

Even when full 1Gbps speeds are available, it appears that most homes are unaware of the actual value, with Which? reporting that two out of five customers have a lack of knowledge of the potential benefits of gigabit connections.

Many people expressed confusion about how it differs from their current connection. Brinkwire

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