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Where Video Calling/Conferencing Endpoints Improve Business Processes

The corporate world is undergoing a drastic change. Along with changes in working patterns, offices have come a long way from being located at a single place to having branches across the world. Nowadays, a single employee is handling multiple responsibilities and hence, has to remain on the move regularly. The working methods are going to change by manifolds and therefore, we can predict introduction of innovative communication means. Video calling and conferencing is one of the apt solutions for these changing needs. Some of the instances where video calling can help businesses improve collaboration between dispersed teams include:

  • Releasing new products/schemes. Launch of any solution or scheme in the market calls for careful handling of several aspects. For finalizing product design to creating videos, presentations, collateral and webpages, taking inputs from every team become essential. With HD-quality video calling/conferencing, distributed workforce functioning in different time zones can be bought on a single platform for automating the decision-making process
  • Creating content. Using video collaboration, facial expressions and body language can be analyzed. With this, an employee gets ample time and opportunity to jot down genuine feedback and work on the same. Flexibility of using laptops, computers, or smartphones for video calling enables participants to join from anywhere and anytime. Accessibility on web allows participation of employees who are not a part of the organization
  • Discuss about problems. If there is a problem while executing any of the projects, head authorities can be informed that instant. Timely discussion of issues enables professionals to devise solutions in defined budget limits
  • Explore new possibilities. Since many brains will work simultaneously, analysis of different possibilities and difficulties that may arise during execution can be noted down. Facility of recording the conversation or downloading content shared during the meeting enables professionals to review the same and come up with more ideas and opportunities
  • Personal bonding. Ease of joining in a video conference from any location and any device enables employees to ditch the formal meeting atmosphere and take decisions even when on the move

These are just a few scenarios where endpoints have an important role to play. Gradually, corporates will be coming up with more requirements. The rise in demand will put pressure on the manufacturers for offering all the latest features while keeping aesthetic value of the phone intact. Matrix Sparsh VP710 designed on user friendly Android interface caters to the video calling and conferencing requirements of the professionals. The smart video IP phone comes with a USB port, built-in wi-fi, 7-inch HD screen, and a lot more features to redefine video telephony experience.

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