VMware Expands Cloud Services Portfolio

VMware, Inc. has expanded its portfolio of cloud services, helping customers better manage the complexity and risk of multiple cloud environments while extending consistent IT operations from the data center to the cloud. As businesses expand their use of cloud computing and utilize multiple cloud providers, they naturally experience increased complexity and risk associated with diverse infrastructures, management tools, and processes. VMware estimates that nearly two-thirds of the industry will utilize two or more cloud service providers in addition to their on-premises data centers. VMware cloud services are uniquely designed to give customers the flexibility to leverage any cloud environment while providing consistent operations for how clouds are managed and secured. VMware’s growing portfolio of cloud services provides visibility, operations, automation, security, and governance across any cloud.

VMware’s expanded portfolio of cloud services gives organizations the freedom to utilize the best cloud environment for their business, without increased complexity and risk. By extending consistent operations from the data center to the cloud, VMware is offering end-to-end visibility of cloud usage, infrastructure cost, network performance, detailed application monitoring and analytics, and enhanced security across the public cloud and on-premises environments.

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