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Verizon Launches 5G Home Service In Indianapolis

The newest and highest speed Internet technology available is in Indianapolis. Verizon set up the first home with 5G on Tuesday. It’s one of the first in the world to have the technology.

Verizon is just one of the major carriers planning to roll out 5G across the country, but it’s the first to come to Indianapolis. Company officials say it’s a prime spot and the first family to get the service is pretty excited about it too.

October is a big month for the Ballou family. Not only is it Halloween, but it also means they’re getting 5G.

“I always wanted a smart home,” said Gary Ballou. If you take a look around, their house is already pretty smart.

“If I’m lying in bed and I’m like, ‘oh, did I forget to lock the doors?’ I just say, ‘hey Google, lock the doors,’ and the doors are locked,” said Gary.

Technology doesn’t just keep them safe. It also helps them have fun. Tuesday’s 5G addition will make that even easier.

“I was frustrated with the Internet we have because we weren’t doing that much at the same time and things would just freeze,” said Cari Ballou. “To have a reliable connection will be nice.”

“This is a family that understands the power of technology and how their home is connected and how technology will continue to enable their lives,” said Tammy Erwin, who is the executive vice resident of operations for Verizon.

5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology. It started with 1G, which was basically just to use cell phones. 2G got us texting. 3G brought smartphones into service and 4G made it easier to transfer data faster. Now 5G will be another step forward.

Downloads could be 30-50 times faster than they were on 4G. And the delay could get down to 1 millisecond or less. A feature-length HD movie can be downloaded faster than the time it takes for you to read this sentence. – WTHR

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