TRAI releases consultation paper on regulation of IMR services

Posted by TRAI

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has released a Consultation Paper on .. Regulation of International Mobile Roaming Services”

The telecorn sector is characterised by dynamic tariff policies which are reflected in sheer number of tariffs. frequency of change in tariffs. bundled offerings etc. Though, this dynamism on one side is responsible for innovative product offerings to suit the requirements of each subscriber, on the other hand, the same may result in bill shocks to subscribers due to incorrect understanding or lack of awareness of tariff conditions. While, this is true for all telecorn services, this is especially true for International Mobile Roaming Services (IMR Services). The uniqueness of !MR Service vis-a-vis other alternatives implies a de facto monopoly of the Home Operator and raises concerns of any potential abuse of monopoly power resulting in adverse consequences for the consumer, be it in the form of abusive tariffs (including both higher rates and adverse-related conditions of the usage) or a general lack of
transparency in the communication of tariffs leading to bill shocks. The TRAI has also been intermittently receiving a significant number of complaints from the individual consumers relating to bill shocks due to usage of !MR Services.

Accordingly, it has been decided to review the regulatory framework relating to !MR Services. The consultation exercise is focused on identifying specific causes of bill shocks to consumers while availing the !MR Services, to evaluate the extant regulatory framework for adequacy to deal with the issue. to evaluate the range of voluntary policies and measures adopted by TSPs in India to prevent instances of bill shocks to their respective subscribers, and the need for revision of regulatory framework and to make suitable changes in the regulatory framework.

—CT Bureau

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