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Schneider Electric launches new digital ecosystem

Schneider Electric has recently launched Schneider Electric Exchange, one of the world’s first cross-industry open ecosystems dedicated to solving real-world sustainability and efficiency challenges. Schneider Electric Exchange is empowering a diverse community of solvers to create and scale business solutions and seize new market value. As digitization revolutionizes the way one works and interacts, energy fundamentally becomes more distributed. With Electric Exchange, individuals gain entry to a vast network of technical tools and resources to develop, share, and sell digital and IoT innovations.

With Schneider Electric Exchange, anyone can reach a larger customer base in otherwise hard-to-reach new markets; gain access to a vast library of resources, such as APIs, analytics, and data sets to improve digital offers; leverage digital tools and expertise to scale solutions and speed up time to market; and collaborate through a powerful cloud-based platform to share insights and designs, and effectively manage and complete projects.

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