Reliance Jio Opens Up new Front in its Assault on Indian Telecoms Sector

India’s disruptive operator Reliance Jio is taking its fight for market share to a new battleground, as its own brand Mobile Operating System gains a 15 per cent market share, just one year from its release date.

Last year Reliance Jio launched its own affordable smartphone, the JioPhone, which attracted enormous interest across the subcontinent. Thanks to the enormous success of the JioPhone, its Operating System, KaiOS, is now the second biggest Operating System in India.

A report in the Economic Times of India drew attention to a recent report by DeviceAtlas, which highlighted the growing influence of Reliance Jio in the OS space.

“The natural conclusion is another OS eating into their market dominance, and our data reflects this. The new entrant — KaiOS — has already overtaken iOS as the second most-used OS in India. With 15 per cent of total traffic, it beats Apple devices into third (with 9.6 per cent),” said the report.

Android is by far the biggest operator in the Indian market, with a whopping 70 per cent market share, however, KaiOS appears to be eating into that market share with some gusto.

“Both iOS and Android lost market share in India. In a country of over 1.3 billion people, a few percentage points can make a huge difference to a manufacturers bottom line,” the report added. – Total Telecom

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