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Rajat Mukarji, Director General, Broadband India Forum

Communications Today is among the best and the most widely distributed and read magazines catering to the ICT ecosystem. The content and issues taken up by the magazine are extremely current, and pertinent to the sector, not just in regard to India, but also from a global perspective.

It is now internationally acknowledged that technology, especially communications technology, is the single-most important determining factor for the growth and prosperity of economies across the world. With the well-accepted view that data is the new oil, the future will be heavily dependent on perpetual mapping, charting, and upgrading of these technologies to remain relevant and competitive in the global arena. The media, especially the technology-focused media like Communications Today, is required to play an important role in this. I am optimistic that Communications Today will continue to provide excellent in-depth, high-quality, research-oriented, futuristic, and the latest in news and knowledge pertaining to the communications technology sector, to keep us abreast of the developments, and provide the necessary outlook for the course ahead.

Having observed Communications Today consistently improve, grow, evolve, and emerge as one of the most insightful and informative tech-publications in the country, I would like to congratulate their entire team on its years of brilliant work and achievements.

I look forward to much more of the tremendous value addition that the publication has brought us and will, I am sure, continue to do, with ever increasing efficacy.

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