Netcore Acquires, Enables Brands To Re-Invent Customer Experience

Netcore Solutions, a pioneer in SaaS-based Multi-Channel Marketing Automation and Communications, has acquired a Bangalore-based AI startup, Netcore Smartech will now further empower digital brands to deliver truly Omni-channel Personalized Experience at Scale for every individual across all the digital touchpoints such as websites, mobile apps, e-mail, and social media throughout the entire customer journey. harnesses the power of customers’ eyeball, intent, behavioural, demographic, device data among others to provide the most relevant and personalised experience for every user across all touchpoints of the app and website, with a 15-minute Integration process.

With the amalgamation of capabilities, Smartech will help brands improve conversion rates by upwards of 15%, enhance the behavioural and purchase predictions by 20%, and multiply the marketing ROI by 10x – 15x via hyper-personalised and contextual product and content recommendations.

Kalpit Jain, Group CEO of Netcore Solutions, stated, “We build for and with our customers. ‘According to Gartner, organizations that focus on personalised messaging around helping consumers can expect 16% more impact on commercial outcomes than those that don’t.’ We at Netcore absolutely understand the value of personalisation for providing the best customer experience and with capabilities, we intend to further delight our customers in maximising hard-earned website traffic and arresting the non-purchase drop-offs to boost the ultimate marketing objective- ‘Conversions’.”

The entire Boxx team including three co-founders – Ajay KashyapPrakhar Raj, and Shitiz Bansal – who come with a wealth of experience and expertise in the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence domains will be joining Netcore to further bolster the Raman, Netcore’s AI Engine.

Ajay Kashyap, Co-founder of, commented, “We are absolutely thrilled to be associated with Netcore. Integrating the capabilities with the Smartech suite makes a killer combination for brands – they would be able to deliver a customer experience that is just perfect, right from the choice of channel, to the timing of communication, to the content, to the creative, to the messaging and to the offers.”

Netcore had acquired, an AI-powered Chatbot earlier this year. And now with this acquisition, Netcore covers all its bases and further signals its resolve to be a global leader in the AI-for-Marketing space.―CT Bureau

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