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Lenovo Introduces ThinkShield For Enterprise Security

Lenovo announced ThinkShield, its new enterprise security platform, at its Transform 2.0 event. ThinkShield features a suite of controls, from BIOS and firmware for authentication and physical/virtual endpoint management to physical camera shutters and fingerprint readers to supply chain management. The service was developed in cooperation with partners like Intel, MobileIron and Absolute for businesses using Lenovo devices.

Lenovo’s partnership with Intel has enabled them to align with the Intel Transparent Supply Chain, which allows customers to locate the source of each component of their new system. For an extra layer of transparency, Lenovo Quality Engineers can audit suppliers at any time.

A founding member of FIDO, Lenovo also offers FIDO-certified authenticators, plus match-on-chip fingerprint technology, to give companies easier ways to protect their employees’ identities. Integration with Intel Authenticate, with up to seven authentication factors, also offers greater security.

BIOS-based Smart USB protection allows IT professionals to configure USB ports to respond only to keyboards and pointing devices, keeping employees’ PCs safer.

Lenovo WiFi Security, in partnership with Coronet, detects threats and notifies users when they are about to connect to unsafe wireless networks, while Lenovo Endpoint Management, powered by MobileIron, provides a secure way to unify cloud and endpoint security across multiple devices.

Once devices reach the end of their lifecycle, Lenovo keeps potentially sensitive data secure by wiping the drives and securely recycling the parts. Lenovo also offers a paid Keep Your Drive service that ensures sensitive information never leaves customers. – Telecom Paper

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