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KPN takes the next step with 5G

KPN has successfully tested innovative 5G technology at logistics service provider KLG Europe. To achieve this, KPN combines the power of its mobile network with the benefits of edge computing. By installing a local 5G gateway on premise, a part of KPN’s mobile 5G network runs locally at the customer who benefits from high reliability, ultra low latency and all data remains on premise.

More and more companies are using mobile networks for their daily operations and business-critical applications. Some of these applications require more than just speed and connectivity. With the combination of KPN’s powerful 5G network and edge computing, KPN offers customers the possibility to handle their 5G data traffic completely locally. This has the advantage that traffic does not have to be routed between data centers again, which improves latency significantly. In addition, customer data remains local and does not leave the customer location, which is in line with market demand and increasingly strict security requirements.

Latency only 4 milliseconds
KPN has successfully tested this new local 5G gateway technology at KLG Europe, a logistics service provider that transports goods throughout Europe from its warehouses. Several automated guided vehicles (AGVs) operate in the KLG Europe distribution center to collect and distribute packages and pallets. These AGVs are equipped with SIM cards and connected to the 5G indoor network in the warehouse. By installing a local 5G gateway, all mobile data from the AGVs is routed directly to the AGV server at the same location. This improves the response time (latency) to only 4 milliseconds and is therefore virtually real-time, where approximately 21 milliseconds is currently still common. This makes the accuracy even better and is at least as important: all processed data remains in-house, which suits the wishes of many organizations.

Wouter Stammeijer, Chief Technology & Digital Officer and board member at KPN. “We want to remain at the forefront of 5G and relevant 5G applications that meet the wishes of our customers. Business customers have different requirements in terms of safe, efficient and faster work and we can meet them with innovative 5G solutions. That’s why we are now testing the latest technologies and edge functionalities as an extension of our existing 5G network, fueling new applications.”

In 2020, KPN introduced 5G. This is now available throughout the Netherlands and KPN’s network has been ranked several times as the best 5G network in the Netherlands. The 3.5 GHz frequency is expected to become available in 2024 and KPN will gradually introduce ‘standalone 5G’. KPN will also offer the local 5G gateway commercially to customers this year, as part of the new KPN Campus portfolio.

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