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IoT:The rise of the connected world

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) held the 3rd edition of the IoT Summit on August 28, 2020. The theme was “The Internet of Things for Digital India and Make in India.” The underlying subject was, What will the future be for consumer centricity, data insights, and business models in a connected world? Communications Today was the media partner.

Eminent Speakers
“We need to provide IoT and 5G connectivity at most affordable price to a very large sector for overall economic growth. India has maximum data consumption in the world, but affordability is very less. For smart cities and smart villages, infrastructure and connectivity will play a major role that will improve the quality of life in both cities and villages. IoT will revolutionize the logistics, healthcare and other sectors with real time tracking systems understanding of each link the operations.”
Ajay Prakash Sawhney
Secretary, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology,
Govt of India.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the entire world in the Eye of the Storm, driving organizations to rethink ways they work. We now see a huge surge in the IoT deployments in enterprise & automotive sector with projected growth of 5.8 billion endpoints in 2020. Data is becoming the new currency and with enterprises capturing more and more data through IoT, it is now viewed as a utility, like electricity, water and broadband; a vital resource essential to shaping, supporting & securing all life. It is the right time for country and business to make use of the gold mine of data generated by IoT for efficiency, productivity and better citizen services.”
Dr Rishi Bhatnagar
Conference Chairman and President,
Aeris India.

“IoT is shaping our lives and transforming businesses at a rate of change never experienced before. Going ahead, we will see IoT devices and embedded systems become more and more prevalent in our daily lives. Businesses that understand the potential and use of IoT will likely drive innovations. Highest adoption is expected in transport, logistics and smart cities. The driving force behind 4.0 is IoT as it will enable enhanced automation, data collection and analytics.”
Nikhil Sawhney
Chairman, CII Northern Region and Vice Chairman & Managing Director,
Triveni Turbine Ltd

“In India, agricultural sector employs more than 50 per cent of the total workforce. IoT is transforming the agricultural sector and will increase the efficiency, lower costs and improve quality. IoT in military application has become a necessity in today’s world, and is empowering C5,I2,S,TA, R2 in military. Relevant pictures of the situation can now be created in near real-time, the implications of their decisions understood, and course of action determined. Among Trade, Technology and Territory, it is Technology that is leading the Pack for Development.”
Lt. Gen. PJS Pannu
Former Deputy Chief Integrated Defence Staff (Operations)

“Disruptive technologies like IoT, AI, ML, and automation are bringing huge change in the bandwidth consumption patterns and require network evolution. There is no better time than now to scale for Digital India and Make in India. With new lifestyle induced exponential rise in data consumption patterns, automation is the cornerstone of driving e-healthcare, e-education, and fintech. Together with IoT, the new technologies will need a scalable, programmable & Adaptive Network.”
Rajesh Nambiar
Chairman and President,
Ciena India

“A well-stitched transformation roadmap with a long-term view of value realization is required to usher in the age of change and abundance. The mantra of a successful IoT implementation lies in connecting the discrete pieces of information and the possibilities get limited when IoT is implemented in functional silos. In the trying times of the pandemic, resilient organizations can leverage IoT and Industry 4.0 technology stack to connect disjointed supply chains to reduce disruptions, use data to boost sales, and help maintain social distancing norms to ensure safety and security. IoT has passed beyond the stage of being an overhyped technology and is the most important component in the industry 4.0 technology stack. We believe that COVID-19 will accelerate its impact on a much wider landscape across all stakeholders – citizens, government, technology providers and consumers.”
Ashvin Vellody,
Deloitte India

For the report, “Internet of Things, The rise of the connected world” released at the event by Deloitte-CII,

CT Bureau

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