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Huawei could soon have Google apps on its app store

The US-China trade war has been bad news for business, with Huawei emerging as one of the worst-hit brands in the last few months. The company has been facing declining sales as a result of Huawei’s inability to provide support for crucial applications that come bundled with Google Mobile Services (GMS).

However, the company is now looking to change that, by extending GMS and its apps to Huawei phones through a clever workaround. The company is now attempting to ask Google to let it submit GMS apps to Huawei’s app store like it does Apple with Apple’s App Store.

Speaking to CNBC, Huawei’s Rotating Chairman Eric Xu said, We hope Google services can be available through our AppGallery, just like how Google services are available through Apple’s App Store,

The idea looks quite interesting, especially considering that Apple’s devices already get Google’s apps from the App Store. As such, a similar arrangement for Huawei phones cannot entirely be ruled out.

Since being banned from using Google’s Play Store and it’s other suite of essential apps, the Huawei has moved to the AppGallery. Although it replaces the Google Play Store on Huawei and Honor Android devices, it still isn’t perfect at the moment. There are alternatives for Maps, and Google’s cloud computing platform and more, yet it still remains quite some distance from bring complete.

With GMS apps being allowed to be put up on AppGallery, Huawei will be able to provide all of the essential Google apps that we’ve grown accustomed to using over the last few years. However, it will be interesting to see if anything really comes of this plan. As it stands right now, US has imposed quite strict sanctions on Huawei, and as such, the company will find it difficult to strike up a partnership with Google that would let it essentially sideload the company’s apps on Huawei’s app store.

―India Today

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