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Huawei and ZTE face strict conditions for 5G trials in India

With the world moving towards the adoption of 5G networking, India had also planned 5G trials with various operators partnering with either Huawei or ZTE. However, the planned 5G trials are on uncertain grounds since strict new conditions from the Government might have the Chinese vendors pull out.

The 5G trials were to take place with a very limited spectrum and a few base stations that would fix any glitches. But, the recent friction of the geopolitical relations between India and China has brought about strict rules. Reportedly, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) is against remote access from a foreign land and data storage overseas. This would make operations in the region difficult for both Huawei and ZTE.

In other words, if the Government doesn’t ease its stance on the matter, the 5G trials might not follow through. For those unaware, foreign telecom firms have their hubs located overseas, through which they oversee the network and fix any issues in the system. According to experts, no vendor would want to relocate hubs to a remote location, especially for 5G trials since India has yet to auction the 5G spectrum at the moment.

Additionally, 5G enabled handsets aren’t available in India either, so bringing local data storage or relocating remote access servers doesn’t seem like a possible outcome. Notably, the Indian government has yet to give the final verdict on whether Huawei or ZTE would be allowed to participate in the 5G trials in the first place. So stay tuned as we will be providing more updates.


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