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GSMA: Mobile Industry Needs Supportive Regulation In Run Up To 5G

The GSMA’s director general has urged regulators to foster a more permissive attitude towards mergers and acquisitions in the telecoms sector, in order to create a more conducive atmosphere for investors

European telcos require a supportive regulatory regime, including a more permissive attitude to consolidation, if they are to successfully roll out 5G services across the continent, according to the GSMA.

Speaking exclusively at Huawei’s Global Mobile Broadband Forum in London this week, the GSMA’s director general, Mats Granyrd, said that regulators needed to focus on creating the right conditions for investment, as the telecoms sector prepares to invest half a trillion dollars in capex over the next two years.

“Our vision for intelligent connectivity requires a supportive regulatory environment. One that fosters investment and encourages innovation,” he said.

“Mobile operators are set to invest $500 billion on capex projects between now and 2020. This investment will only be possible if we have a regulatory regime that is fit for this digital age.

“We need a regulatory regime that prioritises certainty and consistency. To guarantee that, we need four things:

“Firstly, we require the timely release of harmonised spectrum with the right conditions. Secondly, we need to improve market consolidation in order to drive investment by maintaining effective levels of competition.

“Thirdly, we need to see the application of the same rules for digital service providers [as for everybody else] – we need an even playing field, so to speak.

“Finally, we need the ability to harmonise privacy and data protection policies.

“All of these are crucial to the development of a rich and vibrant digital economy and to safeguard the future of our industry,” he concluded. – totaltele

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