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Google Cloud Suffers Increased Error Rates, One Week After Larger Outage

Google Cloud is suffering intermittent outages and failures with its Cloud SQL, Cloud Data Fusion, and Cloud Composer services.

The errors, which have been ongoing for more than seven hours at time of publication, come less than a week after Google experienced a much larger outage.

Down again

“We are experiencing an issue with Google Cloud infrastructure components,” Google said in its Cloud Status Dashboard at 18:06 Pacific on March 30

At 01:31 Pacific, March 31, Google said: “Mitigation work is still underway by our engineering team… Affected customers will experience intermittent failures in Cloud SQL instance creations and deletions, and increased error rates in related products which include: Cloud SQL, Cloud Data Fusion, and Cloud Composer.”

The errors follow a larger Google failure last Friday, on March 27. For over an hour, G-Suite services experienced significant issues in the East Coast, including Gmail, Hangouts, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Calendar.

“Some of our users experienced a service disruption today, as a result of a significant router failure in one of our data centers in the South Eastern US, causing network congestion,” Google said.

“As a result, Google services running in that data center were directly impacted and were unavailable until our engineers rerouted the traffic and moved those services to alternate facilities.”

Urs Hölzle, SVP of technical infrastructure at Google, explained on Twitter that the outage had nothing to do with Covid-19, and that the “failure was a software bug in a third-party router, and affected multiple routers which all crashed at around the same time,” in the company’s Atlanta data center.


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