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Fleet Space Technologies Books 3 Million Sensors On Its Satellite IoT Network

Satellite Internet of Things (IoT) startup Fleet Space Technologies today announced the major success of Project Galaxy, registering a million devices to its low-cost satellite network in less than 24 hours, with an additional two million devices and counting on its waiting list.

Project Galaxy is Fleet Space Technologies’ first step to connect millions of low-power, long-range LoRaWAN™ devices anywhere, anytime for just US$2 per device, per year. Fleet Space Technologies launched the first of its nanosatellites in 2018 on board SpaceX, Rocket Lab and ISRO — to create its global, low-powered IoT connectivity network. Several Fortune 500 companies and the world’s most innovative IoT startups have registered hundreds-of-thousands of devices as part of Project Galaxy.

Fleet Space Technologies is breaking the barriers of cost, connectivity and bandwidth associated with IoT to unleash mass-scale, industrial satellite-powered IoT solutions for companies across the globe. The possibilities of Project Galaxy’s mass-scale IoT deployments are endless from tracking cattle on Australia’s most remote outback farms, to monitoring temperature fluctuations in bee hives across California, to safety applications along Canada’s essential oil pipelines, and beyond. The global IoT market is predicted to reach US$1.567 billion by 2025, with three billion industrial IoT devices to come online, according to IoT Analytics.

“The revolution is here. Project Galaxy booked out within 24 hours with one million devices registered and over two million on the waiting list, this in itself reveals the enormous demand of low-power, cost efficient industrial IoT,” said Flavia Tata Nardini, CEO of Fleet Space Technologies.

“The market has spoken — our edge computing IoT gateway, deployment of long-range LoRaWAN™ devices, and ultra-low cost connectivity is what customers around the world need, right here, right now,” Tata Nardini said.

Fleet Space Technologies is now preparing to launch an additional ten satellites to meet the enormous customer demand to connect LoRaWAN ™ devices to its flagship, fully integrated IoT gateway which significantly reduces cost, power and bandwidth challenges of other solutions on the market . Project Galaxy’s million LoRaWAN ™ devices will join the 50 million LoRa-based devices online as of 2018 across a hundred countries. The deployment of the world’s fastest-growing IoT open-standard protocol, LoRa, as part of the LoRa Alliance’s 500 member ecosystem, has fuelled Fleet Space Technologies’ meteoric growth.

“For years, the market has faced systems that are too expensive, plagued with limited bandwidth or operating in technology silos. Industrial IoT solutions are no longer out of reach, we’re thrilled to be a pioneering ultra-low cost IoT for business across the globe,” Tata Nardini said. – CT Bureau

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