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Ericsson expands role in US 5G infrastructure

Across the U.S., 5G is bringing a digital revolution to individuals, consumers, and industries of all kinds. The latest mobile broadband generation’s fast speed, reliability, low latency, and built-in security enable use cases like autonomous driving, augmented reality, immersive gaming, and more.

However, for 5G to achieve its true potential, networks must be ubiquitous, from dense urban and suburban environments to rural communities. Today our equipment is live in 5G commercial networks in all 50 states, but we have much more to do as an industry to enable 5G’s full potential.

With a history of almost 120 years in the U.S., Ericsson is committed to accelerating the U.S. 5G infrastructure build, enabling exciting new services for critical industries, bridging the digital divide for many, and creating new jobs in technology.

Ericsson’s latest investment in 5G infrastructure comes as part of the Valmont acquisition of ConcealFab.

Colorado-based ConcealFab was an early innovator in 5G and small cell infrastructure, including passive intermodulation (PIM) mitigation solutions, and is a leading producer of concealment products for wireless infrastructure. In 2018, Ericsson purchased a minority equity position in the company to accelerate the growth and performance of the 4G/5G concealments market. Concealments are critical to enabling municipality and landlord approvals, particularly in highly populated urban environments, large venues, and indoor settings where radio infrastructure must blend into the environment.

In April 2022, Valmont Industries, the world’s leading provider of vital infrastructure solutions and services, announced they would acquire a majority stake in ConcealFab, advancing Valmont’s infrastructure portfolio. The deal closed in early June.

Ericsson will continue with a minority equity stake in ConcealFab in partnership with Valmont Industries post-acquisition. The demand for innovation in wireless tower infrastructure solutions is critical for deployments and will only grow as 5G network demand increases. The collaboration between the three companies will create a local and global platform for innovation between industry leaders in the telecom and infrastructure spaces, streamlining the delivery of networks and helping maintain U.S. leadership in 5G.

Other ways Ericsson is investing in infrastructure in the U.S. include:

  • Investing over $100 million in our energy-efficient 5G smart factory in Texas, where the equipment powering 5G networks across the United States is assembled. The factory showcases innovation powered by 5G-connectivity, with capabilities such as autonomous robots, augmented reality training, and more.
  • A deep presence in the U.S., including 7,700 employees, over 30 locations, 4 R&D centers and 4 Centers of Excellence where we train the 5G installation workforce.
  • Our Austin (TX) Research and Development Center. ASICs and baseband software designed and developed in Austin will be instrumental in the global 5G mobile telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Participation in the Department of Defense’s 5G to Next G
  • The D-15 Innovation Center, a co-creation and experience center for industrial partners and CSPs to drive the next industrial revolution powered by 5G, IoT and A.I.
  • The Global Artificial Intelligence Accelerator innovation hub in Santa Clara, California, which is helping advance adoption and new technologies in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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