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Digital Transformation Leads Artel To Set New Standards For Fast, Error-Free Lab Testing

Posted by Persistent Systems

From its software and quality driven R&D and manufacturing facility in Portland, Maine, Artel’s mission is to provide life science laboratories with instrument-based systems and expertise that enables them to achieve  the most accurate test results possible.  This is significant when currently some 55% of test results are not repeatable and therefore of questionable validity. The company’s vision is to ensure labs produce results that are both timely and error free.

Given the life-changing impact lab results can have on patients – from diagnosing breast cancer, to maintaining the quality of injectable insulin, to ensuring the validity of DNA results used by the FBI in determining guilt or innocence – the stakes are high.

So beginning in 2014, Artel  teamed with Persistent Systems, a global technology and services leader, to build out the portfolio for Artel’s instrument systems  business.  Artel’s products address a range of laboratory processes, always with the objective of ensuring the quality of test results and improving lab productivity.  This demands software which has robust architecture, is flexible and has intuitive ease of use.  Persistent brought a clear understanding of how to assist Artel in meeting its customers’ goals, with software that can solve some of the most critical life science laboratory challenges.

Quote from Kirby Pilcher, President, Artel

“Persistent has been more than just a technology partner, they are also a business partner. We have gained insights into the market we didn’t have.  With access to new concepts of development we estimate that working with Persistent has cut our time in bringing products to market by 30%.  With customers in practically every country of the world and the most sophisticated products in their categories, this partnership became an amazing journey.  We started with limited projects – though with aspirations for great things – and have gone beyond what we imagined.”

Quote from Sandeep Kalra, Executive Director & President Technology Services at Persistent Systems

“Artel has an incredibly close relationship with its customers, who in turn play a significant part in the overall product development process.  Becoming part of that partnership and working with OutSystems to leverage low-code in helping bring industry leading products to market more quickly was extremely satisfying for the Persistent team.  Artel is a great example of a company embracing a software-driven approach to business, constantly looking for ways to improve productivity as demand grows for their products.”

Artel was able to take advantage of Persistent’s wealth of knowledge of both best practices development procedures and tools as well as knowledge of the market.  For instance, Persistent recommended low code development solutions from OutSystems to bring products to market faster.

Quote from Peter Dunlap, VP Channels and Alliances, OutSystems

“Artel joins thousands of other companies using low-code to deliver business value faster than ever.  With the OutSystems platform, they’re able to adapt to changing technical requirements and evolving business needs.  Persistent brings extensive knowledge of OutSystems and is uniquely positioned to ensure Artel’s success, having already leveraged the industry leading low-code platform to deliver digital transformation to customers around the globe.”

Software 4.0

Digital is being software-driven in business.  One-time digital fixes don’t stay current for long. Software-driven transformations must be continuous to keep up with new and emerging technologies waves.  Software 4.0 is about mastering the “How” of a software-driven business and inspires how Persistent works with customers on their digital transformation programs.―CT Bureau

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