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CES 2019: From AI To IoT And 5G, Innovations That Will Be Big At Tech Event

The Consumer Electronics Show 2019 (CES 2019), a five-day yearly technology-centric event, is set to start from January 8 in Las Vegas, US. Like its earlier iterations, this year’s event would see technology majors, start-ups and technology enthusiasts coming together to unveil, announce and showcase innovations that would dominate the technology space for the rest of the year. Business Standard lists five major themes that are expected to dominate the mecca of technology this year.

Artificial Intelligence (Ai)

Since its inception, AI has come a long way. At CES 2019, technology enthusiasts are expected to showcase innovations in this machine-based self-learning technology, which will be a new milestone and see its deployment in areas that are currently not under its purview. As a result, the said technology is expected to become mainstream this year and reach consumers in more ways than at present.

Internet Of Things (Iot)

IoT is about connected devices that communicate, interact and work in tandem to deliver experience that otherwise is not possible without manual intervention by human. Therefore, this technology is shaping up smart homes and enterprises that relies on automation to get most things done. With 5G around the corner, expect a lot more IoT-enabled devices at CES 2019 that will shape the future generation smart homes and enterprises.

Autonomous Vehicles (Avs)

The idea of autonomous vehicles is still more or less a concept that is transforming into reality every day. In CES 2019, expect technology majors to showcase their advancements and innovations in the field of automation that would shape up the autonomous vehicle industry.

5G Beyond Phones

5G is projected to offer three key benefits – faster data transfer speeds, lower latency and increased bandwidth. Though these benefits would improve experience for smartphone users, the key 5G use cases go beyond phones. For example, lower latency and increased bandwidth would make 5G a key technology enabler for IoT — a network that links phones, computers, robots, cars, home appliances, etc. At CES, technology enthusiasts would showcase the use cases of the next-generation connectivity solution.

Smartphones 2.0

Smartphones are set to get a complete makeover. From foldable screen devices to 5G-enabled smartphones, phone makers are expected to showcase innovations that would change the way users interact with their devices, marking the beginning of smartphones 2.0.― Business Standard

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