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Apple data centre town heating plan may happen after six years

Data centers use a lot of power, and generate a lot of heat. Indeed, one of the reasons for their high power consumption is the need to cool the servers and related equipment.

Back in 2017, Apple came up with a plan to boost the environmental friendliness of its then-new Danish data center. In addition to powering it entirely from renewable energy, excess heat would be captured and fed into a local heating system for the nearby town.

We’re currently constructing a new data center running on 100 percent renewable energy in Denmark’s central Jutland region. Due to its proximity to one of Denmark’s largest electrical substations, the data center won’t require back-up generators, which typically run on diesel and require periodic testing and burning of fuel. The facility is designed to capture excess heat from its equipment and conduct it into the local district heating system to help warm homes in the community.

Almost six years later, however, it still hasn’t happened. 9To5Mac

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