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32% of organisations deploy AI, 20% experimenting, CIO survey

Generative artificial intelligence technologies such as ChatGPT and Bard are increasingly being adopted by organisations. Around 32% of businesses have already deployed these technologies as an enterprise application or process, and 20% of organisations are experimenting with these technologies, according to a CIO survey by Recognize, a technology investment platform.

The survey showed that 16% of organisations have large projects underway, and 14% are in the prototyping stage for enterprise use, showing significant interest in exploring generative AI capabilities.

Below are some other key findings from the survey.

  • Concerns Around Deploying Generative AI: The biggest concern is around security, cited by 60% of organisations, highlighting the need for robust security measures in AI systems. The next concern, for 37% of respondents, is the complexity of sophisticated technologies. This is followed by 31% of organisations expressing concern in sourcing talent, indicating a shortage of skills. Thirty percent are concerned about hardware requirements and potential inaccuracies from AI models, 27% about the impact to jobs, and 22% are weary of a low return on investment.
  • GPT-4 Most Widely Adopted LLM: A majority (58%) of organisations are using OpenAI’s GPT-4. About 21% of them have adopted OpenAI’s GPT-3.5, and 5% have adopted Google AI’s PaLM2. This underscores OpenAI’s significant influence in the landscape of large language models.
  • Rising Adoption Of LLMs: Of the organisations surveyed, 75% currently utilise LLMs, indicating significant adoption. However, 20% of the organisations are yet to implement this technology, and 5% are uncertain about their engagement with these advanced AI systems.
  • Reliance On Managed Services For Cybersecurity: According to the survey, 79% of organisations rely on managed services for monitoring and managing cybersecurity, which reflects an outsourcing trend due to the field’s complexity. In contrast, 19% of them do not use managed services, indicating in-house handling.
  • Rising Commitment To Cloud: The survey showed a trend towards cloud migration, with 42% of organisations in the middle of cloud migration projects and 35% nearly completing their cloud migration efforts. Meanwhile, 14% of respondents are in the early stages of cloud migration.
  • Percentage Of Application Workload In Commercial Cloud: Survey data showed that 19% of organisations have 60% of their application workload in a commercial cloud, followed by 17% businesses having 70% of their workload in the cloud. Notable lower percentages like 50% and 30-40% reflect a cautious or balanced approach to cloud integration.

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