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Yancoal extracts connectivity boost with TPG Telecom’s Mobile Private Network

TPG Telecom has delivered a “game-changing” connectivity boost for Yancoal’s tier one Mt Thorley Warkworth (MTW) mine site, with the successful deployment of the telco’s Mobile Private Network (MPN).

Increasing on-site mobile network coverage from 60 per cent to approximately 99 per cent across the open cut mine, the successful deployment of the enterprise-grade MPN is driving productivity and efficiency improvements via the real-time management of its fleet of trucks, dozers and dragline.

“This is a game-changer for Mt Thorley Warkworth. Improved connectivity means we can track and communicate with our vehicles and equipment in real-time, helping us decrease downtime and improve the efficiency of our fleet,” said Yancoal ICT General Manager Graham Slattery.

“TPG Telecom’s MPN provides us with the critical performance information we need to ensure we are maximising loading, queuing, and delivery times across the entire pit without interruptions.

“The MPN also gives us the connectivity required to roll out collision awareness and fatigue management systems across the fleet, further supporting our continuous commitment to safety.”

The purpose-built TPG Telecom network operates as a secure, standalone mobile network covering the MTW site alongside TPG Telecom’s established public network, using the telco’s low-band spectrum to provide a reliable, fast, and secure connection.

The high performance, low latency MPN has also enabled Yancoal personnel to upgrade to wirelessenabled devices to securely communicate through its corporate network, removing the risks of in-pit connection dropouts and blackspots previously experienced.

“Given the scale of the open cut environment, high speed, low latency coverage in and across the pit not only improves our operational performance, but directly increases the immediacy and accuracy of our safety and sustainability reporting,” Mr Slattery said.

“Instead of relying on pen and paper, our teams now seamlessly connect with our corporate network from anywhere on site.”

TPG Telecom worked with its network technology partner Nokia over 12 months to deploy the MPN for Yancoal at Mt Thorley Warkworth.

“As industries such as mining and manufacturing increasingly embrace mechanisation and automation of their vehicles and equipment, fast, reliable, and secure connectivity provided by mobile private networks will become increasingly critical,” said Jonathan Rutherford, TPG Telecom Group Executive Wholesale, Enterprise and Government.

“We are proud to be partnered with Yancoal to introduce such leading-edge technology into the Hunter Valley at scale. We believe the success of our MPN model can become the new industry standard for enhancing connectivity performance in the mining, manufacturing, and industrial sectors.”

Mr Slattery said, “This has been a true partnership between TPG Telecom and the Yancoal. By taking the time to work together to understand the specific needs of our site and the resources sector, we are now the envy of other operators in the region, because we now have the best network.”

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