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Vodafone Wifi Calling: When Will The Feature Launch In India?

Vodafone-Idea, Airtel and Reliance Jio are the three major players that are currently in the run for being the best in the telecom market. While Airtel and Jio have launched their Wifi calling services for all the major telecom circles of the country, Vodafone-Idea has been reticent about the same to the media. Here is everything we know about Vodafone’s plans of launching Wifi calling service in India:

When will Vodafone Wifi calling come to India?

Vodafone is the only telecom operator that has its roots in international territories as well as India. While Vodafone Wifi calling has been existing in the UK and Australia, Vodafone Wifi calling in India stills seems pretty far fetched. In June 2019, reports were made that stated that said that Vodafone-Idea was planning to replicate Vodafone’s existing Wifi calling model and begin testing Vodafone Wifi calling in India. However, the other major parties in the telecom sector i.e. Airtel and Jio, conducted tests of their service models and successfully launched their Wifi calling service for the masses.

When reports about Vodafone beginning to test their Wifi calling surfaced on the internet, they also stated that Vodafone had planned to begin testing and then eventually rollout Vodafone Wifi calling first to their postpaid users who had compatible VoLTE phones and then to the rest of the Vodafone users. The reports also mentioned that Vodafone Wifi calling in India could begin with a rollout to their service in 13 leading telecom circles, where Vodafone was expanding their VoLTE services.

Before the Vodafone and Idea merger, reports of Idea claiming to launch their Wifi calling service were also made to improve their customer support. However, before Idea or Vodafone Wifi calling services began their testing and their rollout to the masses, the merger happened. Even in 2020, where Jio and Airtel have already offered their Wifi calling service to users and trying to add newer devices and telecom circles to their coverage list, Vodafone Wifi calling has not made any groundbreaking revelations. Vodafone users are eagerly waiting for Vodafone to begin testing and rolling out the Vodafone Wifi calling in India so that they can stay on par with the competition by Airtel and Jio.

Wifi calling allows the users to use the surrounding Wifi connections to seamlessly make and receive calls (voice and video)when the cellular network is weak. In case of low mobile signal, the device automatically switches from the cellular network to Wifi (if the device supports Wifi calling). Once the device switches from the mobile network to Wifi, all the calls made and received using Wifi calling.―Republic World

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