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Verizon’s Second 5G City Will Be L.A. & Launch In Q4 2018

Verizon’s second 5G city will be L.A. and launch in the fourth quarter of 2018 according to the carrier’s CEO Lowell McAdam, joining the city of Sacramento and if all goes to plan, Boston, as cities which it wants to get the 5G network up and running. Verizon doesn’t mention a time frame for Boston but it does state that Boston is currently planned to receive the same treatment, and this would make it the third of a possible five cities that Verizon is looking at to roll out 5G.

That said there is no mention of whether or not it would actually be the third city or if it would come later, but Verizon is already using Boston as a location for testing IoT equipment and solutions alongside L.A. and Sacramento, and a 5G network would certainly go a long way to helping those solutions be the very best they could be. Verizon announced that Sacramento would be its first city to move to a 5G network back in June of 2017 so it’s been a fairly long process it seems in getting together with city officials and fostering the relationships that would lead to working with the carrier in getting 5G and IoT up and running in the region, benefiting both Verizon’s commercial and residential subscribers.

Though L.A. will only be the second city in the U.S. to officially start 5G network rollouts, Verizon has reportedly tested a 5G standard in nearly a dozen markets around the nation, 11 in total. If consumers are wondering why L.A. and why not other major metropolitan areas, L.A. is being hailed by McAdam as a progressive city that it has worked with for the last few years to start the process. L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti was quick to point out that he believes the city has a foundation of hard work, innovation, and creativity, crediting those factors with being a big reason why it has decided to work with Verizon on its 5G plans and become one of the first cities to support the network advancements. – Android Headlines

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