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Technotrans launches new data center cooling retrofit, secures major order

Accelerated expansion of capacities for artificial intelligence (AI): With a new thermal management solution for existing data centers, Technotrans enables an immediate increase in performance and efficiency. The company has developed a new retrofit solution as part of another major order for cooling systems for high-performance servers in the USA. The client is once again an established and important customer from the data center equipment sector. The plug-and-play cooling solution makes it possible to significantly increase performance within a very short time without interfering with the existing building infrastructure. At the same time, it is a decisive expansion of the portfolio: technotrans now offers cooling solutions both for the initial equipment of new data centers and for the retrofitting of existing structures.

“The rapid growth of AI-based applications is significantly increasing the demands on computing power. Liquid cooling is needed to achieve the required performance,” says Michael Finger, CEO of technotrans SE. “We are now offering tailor-made solutions not only for new data centers, but also for existing ones. This will open up significant additional growth potential for technotrans.”

The new technotrans solution integrates seamlessly into the existing infrastructure: a compact slide-in unit cools the servers directly with liquid as required and in an energy-efficient manner. The waste heat from the liquid-cooled servers is dissipated into the server rooms via the room air or via a central building cooling system and can therefore also be used for building air conditioning.

Growing importance of liquid-based cooling
Liquid cooling is increasingly becoming a critical success factor in modern data centers, as air cannot sufficiently dissipate the heat generated by the new high-performance processors due to its lower thermal conductivity. A constant temperature is crucial for the performance of the processors.

Operators also benefit from a high degree of flexibility, as the cooling systems can be scaled as required. Depending on individual requirements, the integration of several hundred devices in a data center is possible.

“With our new retrofit solution, we combine speed, energy efficiency and flexibility into a complete package that is precisely tailored to the increasing requirements of the IT industry,” emphasizes Michael Finger. “Liquid cooling enables significant increases in performance in the shortest possible time. technotrans presents itself to its customers as a strong partner with a complete range of products for the increasing requirements of the future.”

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