Sohag Sarkar, Management Consulting & Telecom Analyst.

The world of communications is going through a transformation. There are multiple factors that are invigorating this radical change – digital disruption, technological advancements, competitive consolidation, regulatory injunctions, innovation, and changing consumer behavior. The net result is that every player in the value chain has to cognitively change their market strategy, product/service proposition, or business model to sustain and stay relevant.

It is here that a magazine like Communications Today comes very handy to understand these subtle or blatant changes and provides a perspective about the industry and its players. It directly sources the views from the industry stalwarts and puts them across to the readers. As a management consultant, I keep meeting industry leaders across the telecom value chain and often get enthused to see Communications Today in their workplace. It is widely referenced by the telecom fraternity to catch up on the latest trends and events. The e-magazine is a thoughtful output to access the content even when one is on-the-go. All my praise goes to the Communications Today team for meticulously presenting the picture of tomorrow, today.

Sohag Sarkar
Management Consulting & Telecom Analyst.

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