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QP upends social networking with world first social access app

Quantum Pigeon, Inc., announced the release of the first and only social access app, QP. After gaining a strong following as a social networking and secure messaging tool, QP is the modern way for creators, influencers, and experts to build sustainable revenue with paid subscription channels.

“Addiction to advertising is devouring traditional social media networks from the inside out,” commented Alex Clark, Founder & CEO of QP. “Creators, influencers, and experts need a more resilient and reliable way to build their business, and QP provides it. Subscription channels that grant social access are the natural next generation of social networking.”

The app launches with an impressive group of ‘QP Originals’, creators who already enjoy significant celebrity online. These in-demand personalities are expanding their business endeavors, granting followers and fans the opportunity to build more direct connections.

“For many of my followers, reading my public or exclusive published material is a great value,” commented author Rich Moran. “Others, though, want to connect directly – through person-to-person messaging, and direct consultations. QP provides the ideal vehicle to build that tight connection, without sharing contact details I use in my personal life. I think of the folks I’m connecting with on QP as my third circle – not quite friends and family, but more than passive social media followers.”

Anyone can download the app to their smartphone, and quickly build both free and paid channels; QP provides both secure content distribution and all financial transaction needs. Fans and followers can sign up to follow the channels of creators, influencers, and experts they are interested in – and unfollow those in whom they lose interest. And because QP is not ad-driven, no algorithm will push undesired or ‘ad-friendly’ posts or creators into their regular feed.

“The precipitous drop in the market capitalization of the tired, traditional social networks is clearly signaling the end of their era,” concluded QP COO Jett Winter. “Users want to follow who they want to follow, and are happy to support their favorites in a space where they are not bombarded by toxic personalities and ‘targeted’ advertising. Bringing people together in a secure app, where creativity and expertise can grow and proliferate, is just the start of the Third Generation of Social Networking.”

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