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New Towers And 5G To Come To The South Burnett

EXCITING times await the South Burnett, as Optus makes plans to continue improving their services across the region, pushing the ideals of providing both service coverage and value.

Kingaroy Optus manager Michaela Hawkins is proud of how far Optus has come within the region.

“Now the coverage here is great. I’ve been here for six years, so I’ve seen a lot of change in the area. When I first started there was a lot of restricted service, but in the last two years Optus has a lot more towers in the region, and there are also a lot more coming,” she said.

“4G has already come through, and we’re preparing for 5G soon, too.”

The new and improved coverage was an inspired and executive decision by the Optus CEO,” Mrs Hawkins said.

“The CEO decided that Optus coverage simply wasn’t good enough to be the best service provider in Australia, and so Optus has put $1 billion into improving coverage nation-wide,” she said.

“The results are already showing, as Telstra has always been on top, but we beat them last year for having the Best Service Coverage within Australia’, and we’re hoping to do it again this year.”

This recognition comes from providing stability to Optus customers.

“Optus made sure that they bought enough of the towers so that they would have enough service to provide to our customers, so that they wouldn’t have a bad experience,” Mrs Hawkins said.

There’s still a little bit of improvement to come. I know that there’s a lot of places in the South Burnett that don’t have Optus or Telstra, so we do have a lot more towers coming through. For example, in the Blackbutt range, Optus has already been testing how to improve this.

“During these tests, I’ve been up there on one occasion and had service the whole way through, and that has never happened before. We’re just trying to improve different places around the South Burnett overall.” – South Bernett Times

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