Neustar Aims To Democratize The Internet

The US-based Neustar that has recently appointed by the Indian government to provide .in domain registry services intends to democratize the Internet, and further boost security and performance of registry services.

“We are confident that in partnership with NIXI, we will bring further growth, increased performance and security to the .in domain and truly help in democratizing the Internet,” Nitin Wali, Regional Director – Technical Services India, Neustar told ETT.

NIXI or the National Internet Exchange of India is a non-profit entity set up under the Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY) in 2003 to provide neutral Internet exchange services in India.

India has lately become one of the top three economies worldwide in terms of the number of digital consumers. India’s Internet subscribers have grown to 560 million in 2018, from 238.71 million in 2013.

The .in domain, according to the MeitY, is poised for growth as it seeks to provide a secure and reliable domain service that could empower millions of Indian businesses, brands and entrepreneurs.

The Indian arm of the US-headquartered company, according to Wali, has multiple layers of other security features to handle unusual traffic, attacks and denial of service events.

“Neustar is an established leader in the domain name registry space, with extensive capabilities that it will bring to operating the .in registry,” he said, adding that the firm maintains one of the largest portfolios of top-level domains supported, with more than 15 million domains relying on its technology and expertise.

The company’s domain name system (DNS) is scaled globally to handle capacity massively above regular volumes of traffic and as a result, he said, the company has the most comprehensive credentials of any registry operator with 30 DNS nodes worldwide and the largest DDoS mitigation capabilities in the industry with 10.4Tbps of scrubbing capacity.

The firm has bagged nearly Rs 100 crore deal, and been selected to provide technical back-end registry services for the .in domain namespace, and as of March 1, more than 2 million .in domain names migrated onto Neustar’s registry platform in India.

Meanwhile, the technical service provider (TSP) of .in domain Afilias India has, however, dragged the government agency NIXI to the Delhi high court citing alleged irregularities in a bid submitted by Neustar that according to it, also does not meet criteria as laid out in the request for proposal (RFP).

Denying any wrongdoing, Neustar’s Wali said that the firm was selected to be India’s new registry services provider in August 2018, based on a highly competitive RFP process designed to identify the provider that would best serve the needs of the .in domain and India’s entire digital economy.

“Our role is to support and partner with the NIXI to deliver improved performance and bolster the security, stability and integrity of the .in namespace while also driving continuous improvement and innovation, to the benefit of entire Indian Internet user base,” the executive added.―Business Telegraph

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