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NaaS initiative: Transforming networks for innovation, new business models

Transform the network into an open platform, Network as a Service (NaaS), to speed up technological innovation and enable new business models for telecoms. This is the challenge for the future for telecommunications companies launched by TIM at ‘TIM HiTech Tomorrow Telco: focus Italia’, the event held today in the Auditorium in Via Oriolo Romano. The event was introduced by Pietro Labriola, TIM’s CEO, and conducted by Elisabetta Romano, Chief Network Operations & Wholesale Officer of TIM and Chairman of Sparkle. It was attended by several international operators who are members of the Global Leadership Forum and some key representatives of the Italian ICT market.

The event was also an opportunity to present TIM’s technological developments in Edge Cloud, 5G Stand Alone, high-speed fibre connectivity with speeds of up to 50 Giga and quantum technologies for cyber security.

The Network as a Service that TIM is focusing on transforms the network into an open platform and involves key players in the sector. It is a flexible model for network infrastructure use which allows the world of developers, from Hyperscalers to startups, to create new digital services they can offer on the market for the benefit of citizens, companies and the Public Administration. It brings the intelligence of the network and Clouds to all residential areas using TIM’s exchanges, widespread throughout Italy, by means of API Networks (interfaces that enable different applications and services to exchange data).

“The high-performance digital network model made possible by NaaS will support telecoms challenges in the decades ahead,” stated Elisabetta Romano, TIM’s Chief Network Operations & Wholesale Officer and Chairman of Sparkle. “Think of self-drive services, virtual reality, supercalculation, healthcare powered by big data and environmental sustainability, essential to enable the digitalisation of the country which is fundamental for future growth. We can do this because our network is the most extensive in the country: we won’t just provide each home, office or production plant with ultrabroadband, we will raise the value of our exchanges by enriching them with the Cloud, which we will bring ever closer to our customers: a true Edge Cloud Continuum.”

Synergy with Sparkle’s infrastructure will make it possible to expand this model even beyond the national borders. TIM’s network integrated with Sparkle represents a key strategic facility with its underwater cables, its hubs in Milan and Sicily and its international PoPs, increasingly confirming its status as the true infrastructural bridge of the Mediterranean between the key points of the Middle East, United States and Europe, on which to create Network as a Service solutions with an international outlook.

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