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Microsoft Wants You To Really Stop Using Internet Explorer

We all dread using Internet Explorer, but some businesses and organizations still use the good old browser because they can’t help it. Now Microsoft is going out of its way telling people to stop using it.

In the latest company blog, Principal Program Manager in the Experiences and Devices Group, Chris Jackson wrote about ‘The perils of using Internet Explorer as your default browser’. He explained that the use of Internet Explorer is increasing the technical debt for the companies.

The ‘technical debt by default’ approach means if you create a brand-new webpage, run it in the local intranet zone, and don’t add any additional markup, you will end up using a 1999 implementation of web standards by default.

The reason why some companies are sticking to Internet Explorer is that it supports legacy web apps. However, this incurs additional costs for the enterprises as they opt for the convenient method rather than implementing modern browser approach.—Deccan Chronicle

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