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IT Summit Turns Focus on Cybersecurity

A cybersecurity summit hosted by the RedTeam Hacker Academy in partnership with the Calicut Forum for IT (CAFIT) on Saturday discussed the secrets of the dark web and the security challenges in dealing with websites with hidden IP addresses.

The one-day session opened by District Police Chief (Kozhikode city) S. Kaliraj Mahesh Kumar at HiLite Business Park drew the participation of about 200 techies and police officers who were entrusted with the management of the oncoming Police Cyberdome in the city. A four-member panel of experts handled the lead presentations that covered frequently reported cyber attacks.

In his inaugural address, Mr. Kumar said the leakage of private data from cyberspace was an emerging threat to national security. He added that ensuring cybersecurity was hence a matter of great importance and concern for both private and government enterprises.

‘Boost for youngsters’

CAFIT secretary K.V. Abdul Gafoor said the sessions turned out to be a golden opportunity for young entrants in the field of ethical hacking. There were 10 keynote addresses on cybersecurity issues and a panel discussion on latest solutions to tackle the challenges, he said.

Mr. Gafoor said Kozhikode would be the venue for a two-day IT tech conference with more exclusive sessions on cybersecurity issues from December 15. – The Hindu

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