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IDC launches future of X scorecards to identify

International Data Corporation (IDC) has been at the forefront of industry research on digital transformation and the rise of digital businesses for over a decade. To help business leaders build their digital-first strategies, IDC first launched its Future of X ( FoX ) research – eight research practices that focus on the key elements of a successful digital enterprise. To further this research, IDC today introduced its Future of X Scorecards, designed to address the need for improved benchmarking in the development and execution of digital business strategies.

As enterprises continue to invest in digital technologies and services and these digital transformation initiatives mature, organizations face a new phase of accountability. Increasingly, business leaders, including the C-Suite, recognize that digital transformation initiatives must yield to more purposeful digital-first strategies that drive measurable business outcomes, accelerate time to value, create sustainable growth, establish stronger competitive differentiation, and strengthen industry ecosystems. This is where IDC’s FoX Scorecards can be leveraged.

FoX Scorecards will help decision makers assess their capabilities, identify best practices, and prioritize the technologies that will improve and optimize business outcomes. IT buyers can use FoX Scorecards to justify investment in technology initiatives that can measurably improve key business outcomes while technology suppliers can use the Scorecards to demonstrate the value of their technology solutions.

Each FoX Scorecard uses a standardized methodology that leverages the respective practice’s research framework and comprehensive survey data:

FoX Practice Research Framework: Identifies the processes, organizational structures, and enabling technologies that empower enterprises to achieve their top business goals.

FoX Scorecard Survey: IDC’s Future of X Scorecard survey data identifies investments, readiness, and performance across enterprises.

IDC clients can leverage the unique value of FoX Scorecards through FoX research subscriptions and IDC Custom Solutions. Each FoX practice will publish a Signature report that highlights and prioritizes critical technology investments areas while identifying the risks of inaction. IDC’s Custom Solutions provide technology suppliers with an expanded set of interactive tools to deliver qualified leads, accelerate sales velocity, and strengthen customer relationships. IDC

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