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Average consumer is being taken for a ride by Google

Google’s $1 billion investment in subsea cables to boost US-Japan connectivity perpetuates the monopolistic nature of the telecoms sector. The average consumer is being “aken for a ride with expensive mobile and internet plans, and it’s time to change this system so users can have access to fair communications – a basic human right, says Tim Kravchunovsky, founder and CEO of the decentralized telecommunications network Chirp.

He adds, “The news that Google is investing $1 billion into subsea cables to boost connectivity between the US and Japan underscores the enormous barriers to entry in the telecommunications industry. To date, the telecoms sector has been dominated by giant corporations, which has resulted in subpar services for the end consumer.

While this investment looks like a huge leap forward, it only solidifies the control that these corporations have over our internet services. And, as we have seen, historically they haven’t been the best stewards of our mobile networks. Instead, they have exhibited monopolistic behavior, which has resulted in higher prices and practices like blocking, throttling, paid prioritization and redlining.

This latest investment gives Google more oversight over communications between the US and Japan, with the ability to control internet speeds and potentially even censor or intercept communications. Yet, in the 21st century, communication should really be a basic human right.

So we desperately need fairer and cheaper alternatives to make the telecommunications sector more equitable. For example, smaller providers can offer decentralized connectivity solutions with the help of satellites. This can help create a network that is truly free of blocking, limitations and censorship.

Blockchain technology can also facilitate a system where the end user gets to benefit from the telecom sector by becoming a connectivity provider, rather than being taken for a ride with expensive mobile and internet plans.

It’s time to put an end to telecom monopolies and reshape the industry so it serves the interests of its users – the average Joe who has a right to be connected to his friends and family.”

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