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ETSI to transform the standards development landscape

ETSI, the organization for globally applicable standards for information and communication technology (ICT), has adopted a new instrument, Software Development Groups (SDGs). This game-changing move will help ETSI adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of technology and standards development. Developing software to accompany standards will accelerate the standardization process, providing faster feedback loops and improving the quality of standards.

Building on the success of hosting open-source projects at ETSI, and operating alongside standards committees, Software Development Groups will transform the way in which standards are developed. Tailored for collaborative software development, these groups will utilize tools and processes already familiar to developers. Various software copyright licences are available, including open-source licences.

“With this decision to adopt Software Development Groups, ETSI is capitalizing on our experience in linking software and standards to prepare for future standardization needs in the age of 6G and pervasive AI” says Luis Jorge Romero, ETSI Director General.

From its foundation, ETSI has included software as part of its standardization process. With the continuous evolution of communication systems from hardware-based to software-defined, there is a greater need for collaboratively developed software to accompany traditional standards. While there are various existing open-source software foundations, ETSI Software Development Groups provide industry with an easy path to link software and standards. In addition, ETSI offers a neutral venue and a governance model derived from open, transparent standards development.

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