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Deutsche Telekom supports Gen Z volunteerism across Europe

Deutsche Telekom is setting out to support Gen Z volunteerism. 82 percent of Gen Z globally say they are active in some way when it comes to advocacy and activism with the biggest motivation cited as impact on community, friends and family* . The brand recognises the importance to the next generation of taking action on environmental issues and social causes.

#WhatWeValue is a free, global digital platform. Socially committed Gen Z communities can connect, learn from experienced social action leaders, amplify their own volunteering projects, discover opportunities and be in with a chance to win further individualised, bespoke support from the brand. The platform utilises NFT technology to transform digital connectivity into real world value.

“We are consistently in awe of this socially conscious and action orientated generation.” says Ulrich Klenke, Chief Brand Officer at Deutsche Telekom. “Volunteerism is a key example of how young people are using connected technologies to create real world action and transform our lives for the better. We call this ‘digital optimism’. With #WhatWeValue, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to Gen Z, leveraging web3 technologies to supercharge the causes that matter most to them.”

A Digital Community and an NFT for ‘good’
The platform is free to access. It is open to volunteer project leaders aged between 18 and 30 from across the brand’s European footprint to host their own volunteering projects. Projects that meet the required criteria can feature and amplify their work on the platform. Diverse categories include gender and racial & social equality, disability advocacy, climate change, urban regeneration, mental wellbeing, migration and more.

Once verified, project leaders are issued with a “Value”, a POAP NFT that gives them exclusive access to valuable resources including a dedicated Discord group speeches and live conversations with volunteering experts, such as Bart Staszewsk, hosted by Jacqueline Azah. A POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) NFT does not have a negative environmental impact as with other NFTs. The project aims to flip the NFT narrative on its head and transform them from something you buy for personal gain in a virtual world, into something you earn for collective gain in the real world.

Creating real world impact
The #WhatWeValue online community can ‘boost’ (like, share and follow) the projects featured, which impacts a project’s ‘value’ (ranking) overall. At the end of each month, the two ‘most valued’ projects will receive customised support from Telekom to supercharge their causes.
After a soft launch in June 2022, the platform already plays host to nearly 100 diverse projects from over 10 different countries. From the first Polish foundation fighting period poverty and menstrual exclusion to a team using AI technology to support children with speech and hearing impairments in the Czech Republic.

Deutsche Telekom has pledged to provide tangible support for 6x leading projects over the course of 12 weeks to help supercharge their volunteering causes. The brand has already commited real world support for leading projects; the creation of a dedicated digital volunteer recruitment campaign with merchandise incentives to drive uptake and the provison of specialist equipment. Now Deutsche Telekom is looking to expand the platform further with the launch of a new campaign aimed at connecting with young people across Europe who are passionate about volunteering.

#WhatWeValue will be supported by a series of event activities hosted on the social media site Discord. Over 12 weeks, there will be a range of inspirational talks, conversations and stories from youth volunteering experts such as Amy & Ella Meek and more.

An ongoing commitment
The platform is part of an ongoing programme of activity Deutsche Telekom has developed specifically to empower young people through connected technologies. A part of an ongoing commitment to supporting Gen Z, #WhatWeValue follows on from the brand’s #WhatWeDoNext and #WeAreFutureproof campaigns, both of which highlighted the unique value of the first generation of true digital natives to building a more positive world.

The digitally focussed campaign will launch with a film directed by the award-winning Oliva Kastebring, featuring real young volunteers and riffing on the ‘NFT’ acronym to emotionally connect with the true potential of web3 technologies. It will run across Gen Z relevant social media platforms including Instagram, Twitch, Snapchat, Spotify and Tik Tok.

“Despite facing huge societal challenges, the younger generation take social responsibility seriously – They campaign, they advocate, they hustle and they take action to bring about the real change they want to see in the world.” said Jacqueline Azah, youth activist and supporter of the project. “There is often a perception that connecting online doesn’t lead to real world change but in reality, connected technology has made the possibilities for voluntary action, infinite.”

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