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Cyber attackers are sending phishing links to verified Twitter users

Twitter’s new chief Elon Musk wants users to pay $8 or Rs 661 per month whether they like it or not. While some users are already planning to leave the platform, the cyber criminals are looking at it as an opportunity to dupe the verified Twitter users. A new scam has emerged which is targeted towards the verified users on Twitter. The victim is sent a phishing link which is sent with the intention of stealing their phone number and other details associated with their Twitter account.

As per TechCrunch, a new phishing campaign is tricking Twitter users to enter their username, password, and phone number on an unverified site, which claims to be a Twitter help site. The phishing email which also carries a link claims that the verification badge will cost $19.99 per month starting November 2. However, users can bypass the monthly fee if they confirm that they are a “famous or well-known” person.

When the user attempts to show proof that he is “famous” by clicking on the “provide information” option, he will be directed to a new page where he will be asked to enter all the details associated with the verified Twitter account. Now, if the user is smart enough to understand that the email is not from Twitter, he will save himself from sharing his sensitive information. The best way to safeguard yourself from such spammy links is by cross checking the source of the email.

The verified Twitter users are not happy with Elon Musk’s latest announcement. Musk does not care if you like it or not, you will be required to pay a monthly sum of Rs 661 or $8 if you want to retain the blue tick. Musk says that the company has bills to pay. Therefore, it is charging from the users.

Author Stephan King recently took to Twitter to criticize the micro-blogging site’s upcoming mandate. He said, “$20 a month to keep my blue check? Fuck that, they should pay me. If that gets instituted, I’m gone like Enron.”

His tweet got a reaction from Musk, who said that he is planning to charge a fee from verified users as the company “needs to pay the bills”.

He tweeted: “We need to pay the bills somehow! Twitter cannot rely entirely on advertisers. How about $8? Musk further added that he will explain the rationale in longer form before this is implemented. It is the only way to defeat the bots & trolls.” India Today

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