Blockchain Platform Belfrics Names Kumar Kushal As CTO

Kumar Kushal is the new chief technology officer at Belfrics, a company aiming to grow its stake in the blockchain industry.

Kushal is the global CTO for Tiller Capital. He has an MS in mechanical engineering from West Virginia University in Morgantown and a Bachelor’s of Technology in engineering from IIT, Madras.

Kushal was also the founder and CEO of Kanhatech Solutions Limited for five years, a subsidiary of Reliance Jio. He was responsible for digital payments & commerce for customers, telecom agents and retail merchants

At Tiller Capital, Kushal was a digital transformation business architect, focused on delivering trusted computing technology, blockchain enabled financial services, e-retail, e-travel, e-commerce, supply chain management, logistics, and supply chain financing, decentralized financial transaction processing, authenticated digital service delivery leveraging hardware cryptography, immutable mobile device identity and biometrics.

“We are delighted to have Kumar C. Kushal as the Chief Technology Officer at Belfrics,” said Praveen Kumar, the company CEO. “A skilled and reputed leader with extensive experience in successfully leading and managing multiple programs and large teams simultaneously, Mr. Kushal brings with him a wealth of interdisciplinary knowledge and global experience, which will help strengthen Belfrics’ presence in the market as the leading player of blockchain solution provider.”

Kushal’s mission is to grow Belfrics into a global market leader in blockchain technology-driven business solutions. Kushal plans to hire hundreds of hands-on Java resources in Bangalore to deliver the current business pipeline for Belfrics, the company said.

“I am extremely excited to be a key stakeholder in such a dynamic company and scalable disruptive technology and hope to build great synergies together,” Kushal said. “Belfrics is known for its innovations in the sector and I wish to continue that distinction while scaling up the business.”―Block Tribune

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