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As 5G Launches, Consumers Couldn’t Care Less. Here’s Why They Should

If you’re like most cell phone users, you probably aren’t paying attention to the slow rollout of 5G this year, including AT&T’s recent announcement that it would bring superfast mobile connection speeds to 19 cities by early next year. But don’t worry, because your fellow wireless customers are ignoring the news, too. A new survey explains why: We couldn’t care less about the 5G launch because we’re deeply skeptical of the latest technology and maybe even a little angry with our wireless carriers.

New research commissioned by Repeater Store, a company that sells cellular boosters, concludes 5G demand is tepid, at best. Among the startling findings of its research: Most consumers don’t know 5G is about to launch, aren’t keen on the new standard, and aren’t excited about it. The results align with other customer service surveys, which show wireless customers are often unhappy with their carriers. Taken together, they suggest cellular companies may have lost sight of their customers as they scramble to upgrade their unreliable technology.

“It’s still early days for the ecosystem around 5G,” says Sina Khanifar, Repeater Store’s CEO. “I think consumers will only really get excited about the technology once they can see some of its benefits in action.”

In other words, 5G demand will pick up only after it proves itself.

Why customers couldn’t care less about the 5G launch

If you’re just tuning in, here’s what you need to know about this new technology. It’s called 5G because it’s the fifth generation of cellular services. It encompasses hundreds of different individual features, but the big picture update is this: 5G promises both significantly faster data connectivity and less lag time for phones and all kinds of connected devices.

Practically speaking, 5G could connect your phone at speeds that are between 25% and 50% better than LTE, with less latency and better connectivity. – Forbes

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