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Are any telcos taking a lead on digital ecosystems yet?

Digital ecosystems are being talked about everywhere. According to the EY report we discussed here, South-East Asia has grasped the idea to the extent that they are acknowledged leaders in the field.

The report describes the various roles and structures for the most effective digital ecosystems, from DE adaptor, DE accelerator and DE attacker.

We have to ask whether telcos are getting involved at all and whether any of them are taking a leading role.

And the answer is yes and not surprising.

SKT (innovating away as usual) has not only decided that digital ecosystems are the future but has announced that it is launching one.

Today.Using the brand of T Universe, SKT will provide a digital gateway to a wealth of products and services on a subscription basis.

As Park Jung-ho, CEO of SKT said, “T Universe aims to create a new universe of subscription services that benefits both customers and business partners. By launching the subscription business that goes beyond the realm of telecommunications, we will suggest a brand new subscription lifestyle for our customers.”

Finally, it seems there is a telco that is leading a digital ecosystem. SKT’s will partner with a host of leading brands, from Starbucks to Google One, from T maps to cosmetics companies.

If the SKT subscription service works, and there is no reason to expect it to fail with so much research pointing the way, it will prove that digital ecosystems are, indeed, the future.

There are other, seemingly peripheral, benefits of a digital ecosystem. For one, it is a solution to the problem of app blindness. Super apps are on the rise, as Morgan Stanley explains in a recent article and believes that South East Asia is at an inflection point in digital transformation and all that it entails.

Digital ecosystems are the platforms on which innovation will thrive. They are also the platforms that hold the key to digital transformation, the growth of the subscription economy, the app madness and a host of other benefits; security is possibly the most important. Disruptive.Asia

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