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The 14th CONTENT TOKYO wraps up successfully, showcasing global excellence in content creation, production, and licensing

The 14th CONTENT TOKYO, held from December 6th to 8th, 2023, at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan emerged as a resounding success, solidifying its reputation as the premiere platform for showcasing cutting-edge services and technologies in content creation, production, and licensing across Japan and Asia.

CONTENT TOKYO, Japan’s LARGEST* content creation, production, licensing tradeshow, comprised five distinct shows: LICENSING JAPAN, focusing on characters and brands; Creators’ Expo, providing a space for individual creators to connect with visitors; Production/Studio Expo, a hub for content production; Ad Creative & Marketing Expo, a showcase for advertising/web/editing production; and Advanced Digital Technology Expo, highlighting entertainment experiences and interactive technologies.

The decision to offer these five unique shows was a strategic approach to effectively engage a diverse audience, providing a multifaceted experience and a wide range of offerings, ensuring that participants could explore and connect with specific areas of interest.

This year, although this was the first winter show, the event witnessed the participation of 295 exhibitors and attracted an impressive total of 18,138 visitors from all concurrent shows, showcasing a robust turnout from diverse sectors of the industry. Notably, exhibitors and visitors from 28 countries/regions*, including South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Germany, Australia, and more, contributed to the event’s international success, indicating a significant resurgence in global participation.

The inclusion of international pavilions marked further collaboration amongst visitors and exhibitors at CONTENT TOKYO. These pavilions served as dynamic hubs, fostering innovation and creativity on a global scale. This year, the event welcomed international pavilions from Korea and China, offering a unique and immersive experience for attendees.

As part of the event’s commitment to providing valuable insights, CONTENT TOKYO featured special sessions on branding, known as BRANDING +. Renowned experts and thought leaders from exhibiting companies took centre stage, sharing their expertise on design, creativity, and purpose branding.

Topics such as “Artwork Important in Building Brand Awareness,” “Rebranding Solutions for Website Renewal,” and “Product Design and Product Planning Changed by AI” added a layer of depth to the event, providing attendees with valuable insights into the forefront of content creation and technology.

In collaboration with esteemed media partners, CONTENT TOKYO reached a wider audience and fostered greater industry engagement. The event proudly acknowledges its media partners, including TOTAL LICENSING, COMMUNICATIONS TODAY, I Love Character, Creator Handbook, Television Asia Plus, and ContentAsia. These partnerships contributed to the success of the event by amplifying its reach and ensuring that the latest developments and highlights were shared with industry professionals around the globe.

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