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Tech employees most satisfied with their jobs

Career changes are common among professional owing to various factors such as higher pay, flexibility, career advancement, burnout, among other factors. However, there are certain fields that inspire greater loyalty.

According to the latest data by online job site Indeed, workers in the tech sector stand out as the most loyal, with the lowest share of outclicks by jobseekers at 38 per cent (clicks on jobs outside their current sector).

While the technology sector as a whole showcases remarkable loyalty, specific job roles within the sector exhibit varying levels of resistance to career switches. The top job roles with the lowest outclick rates include Ruby on Rails Developer (11.04 per cent), iOS Developer (12.08 per cent), Release Engineer (12.19 per cent), and JavaScript Developer (12.23 per cent).

Interestingly, the Indeed data shows, that job roles in the food industry also feature prominently among those that professionals are least likely to leave. Positions such as sous chef (11.18 per cent), executive chef (16.16 per cent), and head chef (17.19 per cent) appear in the top fifteen job roles with high retention rates.

Among others sectors where professionals demonstrate a significant degree of contentment are healthcare, human resources, architecture and media. The healthcare sector, particularly in nursing (40.58 per cent) witnesses professionals displaying remarkable loyalty to their chosen path. Human resources (45.93 per cent), architecture (49.07 per cent), and media (49.27 per cent) are additional sectors where professionals demonstrate a significant degree of dedication to their roles.

“The attractiveness of different occupations likely reflects varying combinations of pay, flexibility and barriers to entry. The ‘stickiest’ jobs tend to be specialised ones where workers have made a considerable investment gaining specific skills and experience,” Saumitra Chand, Career Expert, Indeed India, said.

On the other hand, some job roles don’t see much loyalty. These include roles like call center team lead, airport executive, applicator, funeral director which have more than 99 per cent share of outclicks. These roles are often characterised by relatively low pay and less favorable working conditions, explaining their lower retention rates. BusinessToday

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