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T-Mobile Go5G next: New plan lets customers upgrade every year

The Un-carrier is one-upping the upgrade. T-Mobile announced Go5G Next, the only plan in wireless that guarantees customers are upgrade-ready every year and that new and existing customers always get the same great phone deals. The latest plan from T-Mobile—also available for businesses with Go5G Business Next—means that new and existing customers always have access to the latest technology to light up America’s leading 5G network.

Earlier this year, T-Mobile’s Un-carrier move Phone Freedom helped people break free from “contract creep,” where Carriers quietly extended device contracts, locking in customers for three whole years in order to get their best deals. The Carriers did this despite the fact that nearly 70% of people surveyed prefer to upgrade their phones every two years. So T-Mobile introduced Go5G Plus, the first wireless plan to guarantee customers are upgrade-ready every two years AND that existing customers will always get the same great device deals as new customers. Go5G Plus saw immediate success, quickly becoming T-Mobile’s most popular plan.

But of course, the Un-carrier couldn’t stop there. Because for almost 10% of people surveyed, upgrading to the latest smartphone every 12 months is a major priority. And while that number may seem small, it’s not! That accounts for over 33 million people, based on the U.S. population.

Enter Go5G Next—the only plan in wireless where customers are upgrade-ready every year with the promise existing customers will always get the same deals as new customers. And this isn’t a limited-time thing. New and existing customers get the same great deals now … and always in the future … and are upgrade-ready every year. Go5G Next launches alongside all of T-Mobile’s existing value-packed plans, including Go5G and Go5G Plus, Essentials and more.

“While the Carriers try to lock you in and limit your choices, T-Mobile continues to double down on value and deliver even more options, so everyone has a plan that works for them,” said Mike Sievert, CEO, T-Mobile. “At T-Mobile, we’re focused on giving customers the best network, best value and best experience—and that means upgrading on your terms. Go5G Next brings more flexibility and freedom to wireless and another end to longer-than-you-want device contracts.”

Go5G Next comes with all the great features of Go5G Plus, along with the ability to upgrade devices yearly. Here’s how it works:

  • Switch to Go5G Next.
  • Score the latest 5G phone on T-Mobile’s no-interest phone payment plan (EIP) with any eligible offer. Right now, that’s a free 5G smartphone for both new and existing customers with eligible trade-in via 24 monthly bill credits plus tax.
  • Once you’ve paid off half your phone, you’re eligible to upgrade! In most cases, customers are upgrade-ready every single year or sooner.
  • Simply trade in your old phone (T-Mobile pays off your remaining EIP!) and upgrade to the latest phone on a new EIP.

With Go5G Next, customers only have to pay off half of their phone to be upgrade-ready—and because T-Mobile’s financing plans are only 24 months, this is typically done in just 12 months. For those who want to upgrade sooner, Go5G Next customers can do it in as soon as 6 months as long as they’ve paid off half their phone. T-Mobile covers the rest.

Say a customer picks up a $1000 smartphone. Once they pay off half ($500), that customer can trade it in toward a new one, and T-Mobile covers the remaining $500 on the old phone. And new and existing customers on Go5G Next always get the same great deals whenever they’re ready to upgrade.

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