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New Apple museum opens in former Warsaw factory

Apple Museum of Poland is now open, boasting to be the “biggest and most complete” collection in the world. With over 1,600 exhibits, the museum is the result of years of dedication from Polish collector and architect Jacek Lupina and spans the company’s 46-year history.

The Apple Museum, located in a former metalworking factory in Warsaw, features a replica of the Apple 1 at its entrance. Released in 1976, the Apple 1 was the first personal computer that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak sold. Additionally, the motherboard of the museum’s Apple 1 replica includes a signature from Steve Wozniak himself.

Lupina’s goal is to showcase how far the company has come and how much things have changed in over four decades. The museum originally started in his house in 2017, but he quickly ran out of room as the collection grew. Lupina said:

While there’s a lot to show, the Apple Museum isn’t holding all exhibits at once as it is rotating subjects periodically. The collection exhibits Apple, Macintosh, and NeXT computers as well as iPhones, iPods, and iPads. Also, on the walls, there are vintage advertisements like the well-known “Think Different” campaign from 1997. 9To5Mac

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